National Waste Policy Knowledge Store

The purpose of the National Waste Policy Knowledge Store is to showcase the efforts of Australian jurisdictions, industry, business and the community that relate to the recycling and reuse, avoidance and reduction of waste.

Construction and demolition waste guide - recycling and re-use across the supply chain

Case studies

The case studies in the National Waste Policy Knowledge Store represent a broad range of waste recycling and reuse initiatives across Australia. They demonstrate a cross section of opportunities, using a range of materials. Some are driven by small business, others by local government and industry associations, all of whom are benefiting and profiting from innovation and initiative. Suggest a case study

Case study title Project category
Fairfield City Council Sustainable Resource Centre (PDF - 611KB) | (Word - 213KB) Recycling aggregates
Ontera Modular Carpets: a commitment to life cycle thinking (PDF - 404KB) | (Word - 692KB) Floor and wall coverings
Vinyl Council of Australia and Armstrong Australia: giving PVC flooring a new lease of life (PDF - 384KB) | (Word - 204KB) Floor and wall coverings
Fletcher Insulation: recycling glass into insulation (PDF - 358KB) | (Word - 225KB) Recycling glass
CSR Gyprock™ take-back scheme for gypsum board product (PDF - 383KB) | (Word - 462KB) Plaster board and gyprock
PIPA recycling PVC pipes into new product(PDF - 534KB) | (Word - 202KB) Plastics and PVC
James Hardie industrial ecology initiatives (PDF - 436KB) | (Word - 228KB) Recycling board products
Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council: wood is too good to waste (PDF - 429KB) | (Word - 313KB) Recycling timber
Recycling power poles into high-value timber products (PDF - 483KB) | (Word -370KB) Recycling timber
Old Leura Dairy: innovating with heritage materials (PDF - 565KB) | (Word - 206KB) Direct reuse
Waverley Council: recycled glass in roads (PDF - 639KB) | (Word - 593KB) Glass and infrastructure
Australian Ethical Investment: best practice waste management at Trevor Pearcey House (PDF - 451KB) | (Word - 232KB) Commercial building construction
Built Environs: 100 Hutt Street, Adelaide (PDF - 522KB) | (Word - 189KB) Commercial building fit-out
Fairfield City Council: a sustainable community building (PDF - 505KB) | (Word - 747KB) Public buildings
Recycling waffle pod waste (PDF - 367KB) | (Word - 417KB) Residential building

Guidelines for the submission of case studies for the National Waste Policy Knowledge Store