Hazardous Waste Data Assessment

KMH Environmental, 2013

About the reports

The department engaged KMH Environmental to increase the level of public information available regarding hazardous waste generated in states and territories by providing a compilation of available data and information on hazardous waste volumes in Australia.

Hazardous waste is a substance or object that exhibits hazardous characteristics, is no longer fit for its intended use and requires disposal. During 2010-2011, 6 463 743 tonnes of hazardous waste was generated in Australia.

The Hazardous Waste Data Assessment comprises two reports:

  1. Hazardous Waste Data Assessment (the Data Report)
    - the Data Report compiles data and information on hazardous waste generation in Australia, including the hazardous waste that crosses state, territory or national borders and hazardous waste that remains within a single jurisdiction.
  2. Hazardous Waste Data Summary (the Summary Report)
    - the Summary Report provides further interpretation and analysis of the data presented in the Hazardous Waste Data Assessment, and draws out headline messages about hazardous waste generation in Australia.

The Hazardous Waste Data Assessment supports work under strategies 12, 13 and 16 of the National Waste Policy: Less waste, more resources. Under these strategies, the Australian Government, in collaboration with states and territories, is working to ensure that the potentially hazardous content of wastes is reduced and waste recovery, handling and disposal is consistent, safe and accountable; and decision makers have access to meaningful, accurate and current national waste and resource recovery data and information.

The Hazardous Waste Data Assessment is a key data input for the National Waste Report 2013.

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