Organics recycling in Australia - Industry statistics 2012

Recycled Organics Unit (ROU), 2013
Organics recycling 2012 cover

The Department commissioned the Recycled Organics Unit (ROU) to collate national and jurisdictional organics recycling data for 2011-12, including the composition of organic material and the types of recycled products sold.

Organics Recycling in Australia - Industry Statistics 2012 presents organics recycling data from the major jurisdictions (with the exception of the Northern Territory, the Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania). The report found that the total reported quantity of biodegradable organic materials received for reprocessing or land application as beneficial recycled organics products by the organics industry across all mainland states of Australia for the 2012 financial year was 5 515 685 tonnes. This was around 815 000 tonnes or 12.9% lower than the 6 330 749 tonnes reported in 2010-11.