Review of Australia's international waste-related reporting obligations

Sinclair Knight Merz, 2012

About this report

In 2012, the Department engaged SKM to conduct an assessment of Australia's international waste-related reporting obligations. The report documents what Australia's waste-related international obligations are, the data collection and reporting that those obligations entail, and the definitions and classifications used for the data collected, reported and publically disclosed. The report also has some analysis of how underlying state and territory and reporting requirements support meeting Australia's international obligations. Opportunities to improve Australia's acquittal of key obligations in relation to data collection and reporting, such as Basel Convention reporting, are also identified in the report.

This report contributes to Strategy 4 and 16 of the National Waste Policy: Less waste, more resources which contain commitments to identify improvements to Australian waste data reporting and to scope consistent national definitions and classifications for waste and recovered resources. This will serve two purposes: to improve the meeting and acquittal of our international obligations as well as to drive improved domestic reporting through nationally consistent arrangements.

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