National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

The National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme involves a combination of government regulation and industry action to take responsibility for the collection and recycling of waste televisions, computers, printers and computer products. Under the Scheme, householders and small business can drop-off these items for free at designated access points, which may include permanent collection sites, take-back events or through a mail-back option.

Operational Review of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

Scheme Recycling Drop Off Points

Scheme recycling drop off points and recycling events will gradually roll out over the next 18 months in areas in metropolitan, regional and remote Australia.


Scheme news

27 April 2015: Reverse E-Waste co-regulatory arrangement under review

A compliance assessment by the Department of the Environment has identified a number of matters for concern in relation to Reverse E-Waste’s performance under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme. These include concerns as to whether Reverse E-waste has failed to comply with a number of statutory obligations, including its requirements to provide reasonable access to collection services in the period to 30 June 2014, take all reasonable steps to ensure the arrangement achieves its outcomes and communicate adequate information to the public about how its collection services can be accessed.

Given the seriousness of these matters, the Department of the Environment, as Regulator of the National Television and Computer Scheme, is undertaking a formal review of the operation of Reverse E-Waste, under section 27 of the Product Stewardship Act 2011. A decision on an appropriate compliance response, which may include cancelling Reverse E-Waste’s approval or other statutory action, will be made following completion of the review. The review is scheduled for completion in June 2015.

Material Recovery Target

The Product Stewardship (Televisions and Computers) Regulations 2011 require that as of 1 July 2014, approved co-regulatory arrangements operating under the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme meet a material recovery target of 90 per cent of materials.

The 90 per cent figure relates to the proportion of television and computer by-products which must be sent after recycling for processing into useable products and materials. The Material Recovery Measurement and Reporting Methodology was developed following consultation with industry, and will ensure that reporting on the material recovery target is consistent and simple for co-regulatory arrangements.


National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme - Outcomes 2012-13
Approved co-regulatory arrangements annual reports for 2012-13 now available
Television and Computer Recycling Scheme services are now available across the country for householders and small businesses to drop off their unwanted TVs and computer products to be recycled, free of charge.