Information for Householders and Small Business

What recycling services are available?

You can contact your local council for information on local e-waste management services, or visit Planet Ark’s website for information about scheme recycling drop off points You can also call Planet Ark on 1300 733 712.

There are no fees for disposing e-waste as part of the scheme for householders and small businesses. Local councils may choose to charge a levy for collection and recycling outside of the scheme.

Locations and timing of drop off points under the scheme are determined and organised by industry-run co-regulatory recycling arrangements. The co-regulatory arrangements can also be contacted directly for further details of recycling services in your local area: Co-regulatory arrangements contact details.

Safe disposal of televisions and computers

It’s important to dispose of unwanted televisions and computers appropriately, because they contain materials which are hazardous to people and the environment. There may be penalties in your state or territory for dumping these products, including outside collection sites and charity bins.

In addition to scheme collection services, there are a number of other ways to safely dispose of unwanted televisions and computers, such as:

  • Using non-scheme recycling services such as those provided by some local councils or other providers (a fee may apply)
  • Asking second-hand shops or a charity if they will take them if they’re still in working order
  • Passing them on to friends or family
  • Storing them out of the weather until they can be disposed of appropriately

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