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Local government involvement in the Scheme

Local government is often the first point of contact for householders and small businesses who want to recycle televisions and computers.

The scheme is intended to supplement and build on state, territory and local government e-waste management, not to replace these activities. E-waste management activities outside the scheme are still needed to meet public demand, and it is important that local councils budget appropriately.

Local councils can choose to be part of a scheme collection and recycling service by negotiating a contract with a co-regulatory arrangement. Co-regulatory arrangements provide industry funded collection and recycling services. It is important that local councils are aware that scheme services can run without council involvement and still deliver benefits to local communities (e.g. collections through retail outlets).

Local councils will continue to be responsible for the management of e-waste in their local area.

Local councils working under the scheme should be aware that co-regulatory arrangements will be responsible for the portion of e-waste as negotiated with the local council under their contractual arrangements, and the local council should carefully consider their operational requirements when negotiating contracts.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of television and computer e-waste products on the environment and to reduce the impact that substances contained in these products have on people’s health and safety.

Therefore, as the rate of e-waste recycling increases nationally, it is essential that all stakeholders commit to best-practice health and safety and environmental processes and are fully compliant with the relevant regulations in their jurisdiction.

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Contact details for the approved co-regulatory arrangements are available on the Department’s web site: More about Co-regulatory Arrangements - contact details

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