Global and Australian emissions of ozone depleting substances


Paul Fraser, Paul Krummel, Bronwyn Dunse, Paul Steele, Nada Derek and Colin Allison, September 2011
The Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research A partnership between CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology

About this document

This technical paper details the measuring, recording and analysing of global and Australian emissions of ozone depleting substances. Australia’s role in reducing global emissions of ODSs is likely to be small but could provide a paradigm for identifying and possibly reducing the remaining emissions of ODSs in the developed world.

Throughout the document, reference is made to air composition data measured at the Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station in Tasmania, Australia. Cape Grim was relied upon as it is part of a worldwide network of measurement stations, and is the only one in Australia that measures unpolluted ambient air circulating in the lower southern hemisphere. It also measures polluted air from the Australian continent which often contains emissions from Melbourne, Victoria; these emissions, once estimated, can then be extrapolated to the rest of Australia on various bases (population, population density, industry type etc.).

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