Legislation - Product Stewardship for Oil Program

About the legislation

The following legislation underpins the Product Stewardship Arrangements for Waste Oil (PSO) arrangements.


The product stewardship benefit rates and criteria are prescribed in the Product Stewardship (Oil) Regulations 2000  (the Regulations). The Regulations set out the categories of recycled oil product that will be eligible for stewardship benefits and the benefit rate for each category. They also prescribe some health, safety and environment (HSE) standards for oils eligible for the highest level of benefits.

The Product Grants and Benefits Administration Regulations 2000  set out specific criteria that must be met by a recycler wishing to claim benefits. These include the need to comply with relevant State and Territory legislation and regulations.

Related legislation

Transitional Assistance expenditure, including general running costs of the Product Stewardship Arrangements and general grant funding, is funded through the Appropriation (Supplementary Measures) Act (No 2) 1999 .