Assessment of the likely impacts of development and climate change on aquatic ecological assets in Northern Australia – Final report

Close, P.G., Wallace, J., Bayliss, P., Bartolo, R., Burrows, D., Pusey, B.J., Robinson, C.J., McJannet, D., Karim, F., Byrne, G., Marvanek, S., Turnadge, C., Harrington, G., Petheram, C., Dutra, L.X.C., Dobbs, R., Pettit, N., Jankowski, A., Wallington, T., Kroon, F., Schmidt, D., Buttler, B., Stock, M., Veld, A., Speldewinde, P., Cook, B.A., Cook, B., Douglas, M., Setterfield, S., Kennard, M., Davies, P., Hughes, J., Cossart, R., Conolly, N. and Townsend, S for Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPaC) and the National Water Commission (NWC), April 2012


About this publication

This report provides new understanding and interpretation of the hydro-ecology of northern Australian aquatic ecosystems, and the potential risks to ecological and socio-cultural values from predicted climate change and development.

The project findings will improve our understanding of water-dependent ecological assets across northern Australia and the risks to those assets arising from hydrologic changes due to water resource development or climate change.  The outcomes could also be used to inform land and water use planning, catchment level water planning and local decision-making.

This report has been produced as part of the sub-project Assessing the likely impacts of development on aquatic assets in northern Australia which is part of the Ecological Program for the Northern Australia Water Futures Assessment.