An assessment of radiation anomalies in the Alligator Rivers Region - a review


Internal Report 446
Pfitzner K & Martin P
Supervising Scientist Division
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

About the report

According to existing information, there are 164 known uranium locations in the Alligator Rivers region. We have produced different maps to show the uranium mines that have been rehabilitated, the locations that were mined a long time ago and were abandoned, and prospects. Prospects are places where uranium is know to occur, but have not been mined. We also made maps to show the location of uranium anomalies by their size. Geologists size anomalies by the amount of metal they contain. Nabarlek was a large mine. There are large, medium and small sized uranium anomalies in the Alligators River Region. In addition to large, medium and small-sized anomalies, some anomalies are “occurrence sized”. These anomalies are usually very small.