Australian Greenhouse Office capital cost reductions

ESD design guide - Video and transcript
David Oppenheim, Director, Sustainable Built Environments
Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage, June 2005

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This video should be viewed in the context of the ESD design guide for Australian Government buildings.

The ESD design guide gives a basic introduction to ecological sustainability issues and specifically how the built environment affects them. It begins by outlining the Australian position on Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) and some key policies relevant to buildings and ESD.

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With the AGO building, which is an underground building, we adopted realistic accommodation sizing, which reduced the capital cost of the plant by $35,000.

We adopted realistic lighting power densities, which reduced the capital cost of the plant by $30,000 and we adopted realistic plug-in load density and that saved $70,000.

So they were just capital cost reductions in the plant size, because in the briefing stages we talked about, we were realistic.

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