Australian Heritage Commission Annual Report 2001-02

Australian Heritage Commission, 2002
ISSN 0155-1434

PDF file

About the Annual Report

The body of this report is divided into 12 chapters.

Chapter 1 contains the report of the Chairman of the AHC, Mr Tom Harley.

Chapter 2 describes the development of a new Commonwealth heritage regime.

Chapter 3 provides an overview of the AHC, its purpose and responsibilities.

Chapter 4 reports on the condition of the National Estate for the year under review and discusses major initiatives carried out during the year to ensure its long-term conservation.

Chapter 5 provides an outline of the structure of the organisation and its programs.

Chapter 6 is an overview of the outputs against the 2001-02 portfolio budget statements.

Chapters 7 - 10 are performance reports against each of the four key result areas: the National Estate, the community, heritage management and Commonwealth heritage properties.

Chapter 11 reports on social justice and equity issues, and on internal and external scrutiny. It also has a report on the AHC's contribution towards ecologically sustainable development.

Chapter 12 contains the financial statements and the Australian National Audit Office's report.

The major documents that contribute to understanding this report are the Australian Heritage Commission Strategic Plan 1999-2002 and parts of the Department of the Environment and Heritage portfolio budget statement.