Australian Heritage Council - Periodic Report

Australian Heritage Council, 2007

ISBN 9780642553513

Letter to the Minister

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Minister for the Environment and Water Resources
Parliament House

Dear Minister

Australian Heritage Council: Periodic Report

On 19 February, 2004 the Minister for the Environment and Heritage appointed the Australian Heritage Council (the Council) to act as his principal adviser on heritage matters with roles and responsibilities laid out in the Australian Heritage Council Act 2003 (the AHC Act).

Under Section 24A of the AHC Act, Council may prepare a report on any matter related to its functions and provide the report to the Minister for laying before each House of the Parliament within 15 sitting days after the day on which the Minister receives the report.

While the Council has no formal reporting process, it has decided to present this report to mark the conclusion of the Councils term. This is Councils first report to the Government since its inauguration. Over this time Council believes it has played a part in the successful implementation of the new heritage system, a success reflected in the growing community recognition of the National Heritage List and of the over forty outstanding heritage places in it.

Accordingly, on behalf of the Council, I have pleasure in providing you with the Councils first three year periodic report.

Yours sincerely


Tom Harley
16 February 2007