Australian Historic Themes


A framework for use in heritage assessment and management
Australian Heritage Commission, 2001
ISBN 06 425 47 289

About the publication

The Australian Historic Themes Framework provides a valuable research tool, which can be used at the national, state or local level to assist in the identification, assessment, interpretation and management of heritage places.

The Framework was initiated and developed by the Australian Heritage Commission with the assistance of the State and Territory historic heritage agencies, consultants and heritage practitioners. It has been used by the Commission, in its assessment of places for the Register of the National Estate since 1998, and will be an essential element in using the Australian Heritage Places Inventory to better understand the comparative context of places of historical significance around Australia.

A great deal of work has gone into the development and trialing of the themes over the last five years and many people have been involved. I would like to thank all those people who have tested the Framework, provided thoughtful and constructive comment and assisted in the development of the themes. The Framework was endorsed by the Commonwealth, State and Territory agencies in March 2000.

The adoption and use of these historic themes throughout Australia will assist in the development of a nationally coordinated approach and encourage consistency in heritage assessment and management across the nation.