Botanic Gardens collection policy | Booderee National Park


Director of National Parks, October 2003

About the Policy

A collection policy is a tool to manage the plant collections in a Botanic Garden. It provides guidelines for which plants are to be collected and held in the gardens and deals with all aspects of the management of the living collections. It should also help to refine the institutions goals and purposes. (The Booderee Botanic Gardens goals and purposes were defined in the BNP Management plan of March 2002)

The process of developing the BBG collection policy was challenging. As a starting point, the Botanic Gardens Conservation International publication, "The Darwin Technical Manual for Botanic Gardens" * was used for reference. Other Botanic Gardens collection policies (eg Adelaide) were referred to as models. In March 2003 two workshops were run - one for staff and one for stakeholders - as information gathering exercises to assist in the compilation of the policy. Staff consultation and involvement was integral and vital to the policy preparation process. Following refinement of the first draft, a draft collection policy was presented to the Board of Management meeting for comment in July. After final editing the policy was formally adopted by the Board in October 2003.

* Edited by Etelka Leadlay and Jane Greene
Botanic Garden Conservation International (BGCI), London, UK 1998, ISBN 09520275 6 9