Commercial Management Processes in the Delivery of Park Services - NT Parks and Wildlife Commission 1999


A Report to the ANZECC Working Group on National Park and Protected Area Management
Parks and Wildlife Commission, Northern Territory 1999

About this document

This report describes a Commercial Management Benchmarking and Best Practice project undertaken by the Parks and Wildlife Commission of the Northern Territory for the ANZECC National Parks and Protected Area Management Committee.

Park agencies employ a variety of strategies for awarding and managing commercial and concession activity. The strategies may be shaped by inquiries from the private sector to operate park-based ecotourism related enterprise and a demand from the public for improved services and recreational opportunities.

The project has developed best practice criteria for awarding and monitoring park based leases, concessions, alien tenure and agency operated commercial enterprise in the quest for continuous improvement in the delivery of visitor services. The material was sourced primarily from responses received from the Commercial Management questionnaire distributed to each of the ANZECC partners, and responses and advice from the ANZECC Working Group and their nominated project officers. The Commercial Management questionnaire has established the preliminary benchmarks from which Agencies may measure performance.