Diversity Strategy 2013-2017

Department of the Environment


The Diversity Strategy 2013–2017 has four key objectives underpinned by initiatives being delivered under the Diversity Action Plan in recruitment, retention, capability/development and celebration. These objectives are supported by activities in the Disability Action Plan (DAP), Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Indigenous Employment and Capability Strategy (IndECS) and the Agency Multicultural Plan (AMP).

  • Recruitment—Promote fair, equitable, transparent and flexible recruitment and selection of employees, taking into consideration the representational levels for the identified diversity groups within with the APS, Australian workforce and wider Australian community.
  • Retention—Implement initiatives that promote a culture of inclusion in the workplace and demonstrate the value of diversity to the organisation. This will foster a diverse and supportive work environment that will help our organisation retain staff and continue to be an employer of choice.
  • Capability/Development—Advance a workplace that actively promotes the diverse skills and experiences of all employees. Maintain a workforce where all employees are encouraged, and provided with opportunities to develop and reach their potential. Encourage a workforce where employees recognise and value the diversity of the wider community and our stakeholders.
  • Celebration—Recognise employees who contribute to a supportive workplace culture and celebrate diversity through recognised events.