Economic Value of Tourism to Places of Cultural Heritage Significance

A Case Study of Three Towns with Mining Heritage
Michele Cegielski, Ben Janeczko, Trevor Mules and Josette Wells
CRC for Sustainable Tourism, University of Canberra

About the study

This exploratory study of tourism to three heritage Australian mining towns has aimed to measure the economic impact of such tourism on the host regions and to learn more about the motivations and behaviour of visitors to the towns. Greater understanding of such factors provides necessary input into the management and conservation of similar heritage places.

In this study, three heritage mining towns were chosen, in consultation with the Australian Heritage Commission. One advantage of choosing mining towns for the study is that of homogeneity, i.e. visitors'; motivations, expectations and attitudes would not vary between the places because of the industrial background. The towns were chosen by the Australian Heritage Commission partly for their known heritage value (i.e. known to the Commission), and partly because of their established attractiveness to tourists.