Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future: National Action Plan

Environment Australia, July 2000
ISBN 0 642 546 665

Appendix A: The National Environmental Education - Council Terms of Reference

The National Environmental Education Council will be a non-statutory body providing expert advice to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage and Environment Australia on the effectiveness and profile of the Commonwealth's environmental education activities and environmental education issues generally.

The Council will be responsible for:

  • maintaining an overview of national environmental education programs and materials;
  • identifying priority environmental education issues for national action;
  • identifying priority environmental education research needs in Australia;
  • providing strategic advice on the environmental education activities of the Environment and Heritage Portfolio;
  • providing advice on the forward work plans of the Australian Environmental Education Foundation;
  • advocating practical environmental education in all spheres of education and formal training in vocational, business and industry and community education sectors; and
  • providing annual reports to the Minister with recommendations for further implementation of the National Action Plan;

The Council will meet at least twice each year. Council members will be appointed for a term of two years and be remunerated in accordance with appropriate determinations of the Remuneration Tribunal.