Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future: National Action Plan

Environment Australia, July 2000
ISBN 0 642 546 665

Appendix B: The Australian Environmental Education Foundation - Charter

The aim of the Australian Environmental Education Foundation will be to achieve the status of an institution of excellence perceived by others to be the pre-eminent national research body in environmental education in Australia. In addition to research it will also have a practical service delivery role

Its role will be to:

  • provide a focal point for advocacy of environmental education in Australia;
  • undertake research into environmental education and evaluate existing approaches, particularly with respect to the integration of ecologically sustainable development principles across all educational sectors and in all subject areas;
  • develop quality environmental education products for use in different sectors,
  • collaborate with the Curriculum Corporation in the development of curriculum materials for use in schools;
  • provide consultancy services to all sectors pursuant to the Foundation's functions;
  • provide professional development for teachers in the formal education sector and people working in other fields of environmental education; and
  • work collaboratively with other key players in environmental education in Australia, including the Curriculum Corporation and Commonwealth, State and Territory environment and education agencies.

The Foundation will offer a number of Fellowships to provide professional development opportunities for teachers in the formal education sector and people working in other fields of environmental education.

Structure and Board of Management

The Foundation will be formed under the auspices of an agreement between the Australian Government's Department of the Environment and Heritage and a university or consortium of universities hosting the Foundation.

The work of the Foundation will be directed by a Board of Management consisting of ex officio representatives of the parties to the agreement and expert representatives of key education, business, industry and community sectors. The Board will report annually to the Minister for the Environment and Heritage.