Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future: National Action Plan

Environment Australia, July 2000
ISBN 0 642 546 665

The Way Forward - Proposed Strategies

The community consultative process associated with Today Shapes Tomorrow generated a large number of proposals for future actions. Contained within these proposals, and in proposals put forward in other reviews of environmental education in Australia, were a number of recurring themes. These themes were that the key areas of need are:

  1. development of a national framework for environmental education activities;
  2. raising of the profile of environmental education in Australia;
  3. better coordination of environmental education activities;
  4. greater access to quality materials;
  5. more professional development opportunities for teachers in the formal education sector;
  6. more integration of environmental education principles into mainstream education (including tertiary level education) and vocational training activities;
  7. better resourcing of community organisations involved in environmental education.

Respondents have indicated that it is appropriate that the Commonwealth, and in particular the Environment and Heritage Portfolio, show leadership in environmental education. Its responsibilities should include:

  • development of a national environmental education strategy, which seeks to better coordinate current environmental education activities;
  • provision of high quality, accessible and relevant support services for environmental education;
  • provision of funding to support contributions already being made by States and Territories, industry and the community