Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future: National Action Plan

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The purpose of this National Action Plan is to address in a substantive and effective way the current needs of environmental education in Australia. These needs have been identified in the community consultative process associated with the discussion paper Today Shapes Tomorrow: Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future, issued by the Federal Minister for the Environment and Heritage in January 1999, and other review processes.

The Plan is intended to provide leadership to the many different sectors involved in environmental education activities and, importantly, promote better coordination of these activities.

It is also intended to be a starting point for an enhanced national effort in support of Australia's ecologically sustainable development (ESD).

Environmental Education - What is it?

'Environmental education' is defined in its broadest sense to encompass raising awareness, acquiring new perspectives, values, knowledge and skills, and formal and informal processes leading to changed behaviour in support of an ecologically sustainable environment.