EPBC Act Policy Statement - EPBC Act Delegations: Section 515 of the EPBC Act and regulation 19.01A of the EPBC Act Regulations

Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, 2013


To 'delegate' is to give powers or functions to another person to act as an agent. The agent can then exercise the power or function in their own right.

This Policy Statement provides an outline of the current Instrument of Delegation in relation to the Minister's powers and functions under subsection 515(1) of the EPBC Act and regulation 19.01A(1) of the EPBC Regulations.

The delegations are divided into three parts:

  • Schedule 1 - EPBC Act;
  • Schedule 2 - EPBC Regulations; and
  • Schedule 3 - Guidelines for delegated decision making.