Evaluation of alleged deficiencies in management of the Ranger Uranium Mine between 1996 and 1998

Supervising Scientist Report 171
Supervising Scientist & Northern Territory Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development
Environment Australia, 2002
ISSN 1325-1554
ISBN 0 642 24377 8


About the report

On 5 April 2002, Mr Geoffrey Kyle, a former employee of Energy Resources of Australia Limited (ERA) at Ranger Uranium Mine's Environmental Laboratory, wrote to the Commonwealth Minister for Environment and Heritage, the Northern Territory Minister for Resource Development and a number of Commonwealth and Northern Territory officials. In his letter and attached report, Mr Kyle expressed concern about a number of issues relating to environmental management and reporting by ERA at the Ranger mine between 1996 and 1998.

At the request of the above Ministers, an investigation of the issues raised by Mr Kyle has been carried out.

The investigation was undertaken jointly by the staff of the Supervising Scientist Division (SSD) and of the Northern Territory Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development (NTDBIRD). A detailed search of files and reports held by SSD, Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) and NTDBIRD was conducted to establish, as far as is now possible, the circumstances surrounding the events referred to by Mr Kyle. Field visits were also conducted to determine the current situation at the relevant sites and discussions were held with current ERA staff. In addition, interviews were conducted with a number of former staff of ERA and with one former oss employee to determine their recollections and account of events. Mr Kyle was also interviewed to allow him to present further information and to clarify information presented in his report.