Extension Materials Available for Grassy Ecosystems

Environment Australia

Conference Proceedings

  • Friends of Grasslands
    'Grassland Beyond the Reserve' Off-Reserve Conservation Workshop
    Papers and proceedings from the two day workshop held in Cooma, NSW
    December 2000
    Information available on website: http://www.fog.org.au/proceedings200012.htm 
  • Grassy Ecosystems Reference Group (No longer in existence contact VNPA)
    'Down to Grass Roots' - management of grassy ecosystems
    Victorian University Technology, St Albans Campus, 115 pages
  • Bushcare
    'Balancing Conservation and Production in Grassy Landscapes'
    Clare, South Australia, 202 pages
    August 1999
    Information available on website: www.environment.gov.au/land/publications/grasscon.html
  • Stipa
    'The First Native Grasses Conference - Better Pastures, Naturally'
    Mudgee, NSW. 156 pages
  • Stipa
    'Second National Conference Our Valuable Native Grasslands, Better Pastures Naturally'
    Dookie College Victoria - 151 pages


  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA )
    Newsletter 'Grass Notes'
    Newsletter of the Native Grass Resources Group
    News, reports, group events and seasonal tasks for growing grasses.
  • Grassy Ecosystem Network/Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Victoria)
    Newsletter 'Grass Clippings'
    Grass Clippings is edited by Vanessa Craigie (Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment) to inform people of issues, events, and new initiatives. It is an open forum where readers are encouraged to make contributions.
    Available on website: www.environment.gov.au/land/publications/grassclips/index.html
  • Friends of Grasslands
    Newsletter Friends of Grasslands Inc.
    Current grasslands news.
    Detailed articles about grassland issues focussing on, but not limited to, the ACT and southern tablelands.
    Events calendar.
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Victoria)
    Newsletter 'On the Plains'. Newsletter of the Gippsland Plains Conservation Management Network.
  • National Parks and Wildlife, NSW
    Newsletter 'Woodland Wanderings'
    This newsletter aims to help owners and managers of remnants as well as scientists and other woodland enthusiasts.
  • Mid North Grasslands Working Group (SA )
    Newsletter 'Grassland Matters'
    Information on group activities and general grassy info.
  • Friends of Merri Creek
    Newsletter Friends of Merri Creek
    Group Activities, grassland issues.
  • Keilor Plains Group
    Newsletter Keilor Plains Group
    Group Activities, grassland issues.
  • Victorian University of Technology
    Newsletter 'Iramoozings'
    Newsletter of the Iramoo Grasslands and Sustainable Living Precinct
  • Stipa
    Newsletter Stipa
    Articles, Group Activities, grassland issues


  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Victoria)
    'Partnerships in Grassland Conservation'. A4. 8 page, colour brochure promoting voluntary partnerships
  • Environment Australia
    EPBC Act Administrative Guidelines on Significance - Supplement for the Nationally Endangered Bluegrass Ecological Community.
    Available on website: www.environment.gov.au/epbc/publications/bluegrass.html
  • Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union (now Birds Australia)
    Plains Wanderers - RAOU Conservation Statement No. 8: Managing Native Grasslands to Maintain Biodiversity and Conserve the Plains Wanderer by David Baker-Gabb
  • Birds Australia
    Plains Wanderers - Birds Australia Conservation Statement No. 1 'Native grasslands and the Plains-Wanderer' by David Baker-Gabb


  • World Wide Fund for Nature, Australia
    'Managing Native Grassland: a guide to management for conservation, production and landscape protection' by D. Eddy
    July 2002
  • Trust for Nature (Victoria)
    'Grassy Guidelines' How to manage native grasslands and grassy woodlands on your property. By Tim Barlow.
    Available on website: http://www.environment.gov.au/land/publications/grassguide.html


  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA )
    Remnant Native Grasslands in the Mount Lofty Ranges, South Australia - Hyde, M. and Mathison, M. 118 pp. $25 plus handling and postage. Maps, photographs, plant lists, descriptions of plant community and landscape, and recommendations for conservation and management of 37 sites on mainly privately own grassland or grassy woodland.
  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA )
    An Interim Grass Flora of South Australia by Hyde, M. (Ed.)
    370 pp. $30 plus postage and handling.
    Facsimile of the Gramineae section of the 1986 edition of the Flora of South Australia which is now out of print. Contains a list of current taxa and synonyms.
  • World Wide Fund for Nature, Australia
    'Australia's Most Threatened Ecosystems - the southeastern lowland native grasslands' Written by Jamie Kirkpatrick, Keith McDougall and Michael Hyde.
    The present book contains a general discussion of the history, ecology, and management of the grasslands.
  • NSW Ag
    'Grassed Up' Guidelines to revegetating with Australian Native Grasses by C. Waters, W. Whalley, C. Huxtable.
  • NSW Ag
    'Managing high rainfall native pastures on a whole farm basis' by Peter Simpson and Col Langford.
  • World Wide Fund for Nature, Australia
    'Guide to Best Practice Conservation of Temperate Native grasslands' - James Ross.
    Available on website: www.environment.gov.au/land/publications/natgrass/index.html