Extension Materials Available for Grassy Ecosystems

Environment Australia


  • Victorian National Parks Association
    A variety of slides showing grassland communities, individual species and some threats. On request only.
  • Friends of Grasslands
    Collection of slides of grassland landscapes and individual plant species. Mainly ACT and southern tablelands. On request only.


  • Friends of Grasslands
    Flyer advertising the work and interests of FOG
  • World Wide Fund for Nature, Australia
    Flyer advertising the new 'Old Cooma Common Reserve'

Fact Sheets

Information Sheets

  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA)
    Native Grasses for Sustainable Land Management - Myers, R. (Ed.)
    4 x A4 pp. $2.50
    Illustrates six native grasses and their uses in pasture, horticulture, and landscaping.
  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA)
    Understanding C3 and C 4 Native Grass Species - Myers, R. (Ed.)
    2 x A4 pp. $1.50
    Simple explanation of the significance of C3 and C4 grasses. Lists South Australian genera in each category.
  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA)
    Weeping Rice-grass - Stafford, J. et al
    4 x A4 pp. $2.50
    Describes the grass, its applications, propagation and management.
  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA)
    Kangaroo Grass (Themeda trianda) - Stafford, J.
    4 x A4 pp. $2.20
    Describes the grass, its applications, propagation and management.
  • Trust for Nature (Victoria)
    Information series on Threatened Vegetation Communities.
    Includes: Forest Red Gum Woodlands and Grasslands of the Gippsland Plains Grasslands of the Wimmera.
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Victoria), Victorian National Parks Association
    'Native Grassland Management in the Melbourne area'. Series of handouts in a folder.

Periodical Bi-Annual

  • Native Grass Resources Group (SA)
    Native Grass-South Australia,
    Presents papers on grasses and grassland issues


  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment (Victoria)
    'Grasslands in Victoria'
    It has a lot of information in small type on the flora and fauna found in grasslands and some of the threats to grasslands. Variety of photos with large picture of Striped Legless Lizard in the centre.

Action Plans/Statements

  • ACT Government
    Action Plans are prepared for all threatened species and ecological communities. They include an examination of conservation issues and proposed measures for the enhanced conservation of a declared species or community.
    Available on web: www.environment.act.gov.au 
  • Department of Natural Resources and Environment (VIC)
    Action Statements are produced for each listed species/community under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988. Some examples are:
    No. 17 - Striped Legless Lizard
    No. 35 - Southern Lined Earless Dragon
    No. 50 - Sunshine Diuris
    No. 66 - Plains Wanderer
    No. 53 - Western (Basalt) Plains Grassland Community
    These plus more can be found on the NRE website: www.nre.vic.gov.au