Firewood: A biodiversity, consumer and human health issue conference

Launceston firewood conference, June 2001
Summaries of papers presented
Environment Australia, 2002

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About the summary

Fuel wood forestry seems to be the forgotten industry, with many people until recently dismissing it as insignificant. Yet it is estimated that the firewood industry in Australia consumes the same amount of timber as the woodchip industry. The attention paid to the two issues however, until recently, could not have been more polarised.

CSIRO recently produced a report, Impact and use of firewood in Australia, that estimates over 6 million tonnes of firewood per year is harvested for domestic and industrial use in Australia. Tasmania is responsible for about 16% of the national consumption, with up to 1 million tonnes consumed here annually. Per capita, Tasmania uses more firewood than any other state in Australia.

This conference has been supported with funding from the Commonwealth Government through the Natural Heritage Trust's Bushcare Program, which aims to reverse the decline in the quality and extent of Australia's native vegetation - on which firewood collection has a big impact.