Fuel Standard (Petrol) Determination 2001 and the Fuel Standard (Automotive Diesel) Determination 2001

Regulation Impact Statement
Environment Australia, 2001

9. Implementation and Review

It is proposed that the actual standards for each of the petrol and diesel parameters will be set in Ministerial Instruments under the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000. This will provide the necessary flexibility to amend the standards quickly or to deal with other fuel quality issues as they arise without having to go through the lengthy process required to amend the legislation.

Under the Act, a statutory independent review of the Act must be undertaken as soon as possible after commencement of Part 2 (ie in 2004), and every five years thereafter.

From January 2002, the Secretary of the Department of the Environment and Heritage is required to prepare, and the Minister must table in Parliament an annual report on the operation of the Act. The report will include advice on compliance with the standards and any prosecutions made under the legislation.

It is envisaged that the effectiveness of the Commonwealth's proposal for petrol and diesel fuel quality standards will be measured in a number of ways. These include the availability of cleaner fuels to consumers, measured reductions in emissions compared to business as usual projections, and the effectiveness of the new advanced emissions control technology.