Guluyambi river cruise | Kakadu National Park


Natasha Nadji
We started our tourism before a lot of the other Indigenous mob around did.

When we started up that's when I started to notice other families getting into the ideas of "Oh I make baskets, that'd be great" because tourists are looking for that kind of stuff and its not only for the money - its for that enjoyment of sharing that knowledge.

Natasha talking to visitors
Over on the left is Kakadu, over on the right Arnhem Land. This is the East Alligator River - more or less the natural border between both parts of land.

Natasha Nadji
When people ask me 'what's it like for you', it's like the love you have for your mum and dad. You're at home, you're at peace, you're visiting this country beautiful floodplains, lots of wildlife birds flying around, wallabies jumping around.

I just hope that each person that comes here enjoy it and go away feeling like they have had a good time feeling like they are at rest, you know.

Be a happy person when you are here, this place will make you feel happy and special. It is a special place to be.