Healthy Learning Program | Booderee National Park

This program has been developed as an educational resource for visiting schools and we would like to encourage schools to visit us, and maybe even consider an overnight camping trip, to take their learning ‘out of the classroom and into the park’.

This Healthy Learning resource comes in four parts:

  • A teacher’s guide - with an introduction and overview of the program and the three main topic areas.
  • The marine environment - which has a choice of 15 exercises to choose from;
  • Human impact on the environment - which includes a choice of 10 exercises; and
  • Infrastructure - to manage people, which has a choice of nine exercises.

The package has been developed specifically for stage three teachers and students (years five and six) but may also be relevant or adaptable for use by high school teachers and students, particularly years seven and eight.

The exercises within the kit are designed to cut across a range of school curriculum subjects such as Human Society and Its Environment, English, Maths, Science and Technology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Drama and Visual Arts. It is an educational resource that provides a range of options for a field trip into our National Park with a variety of exercises that will enable students to learn about the Booderee environment and how it is managed and looked after. The exercises allow students to be Junior Rangers, researchers, scientists, managers, architects, artists and/or environmental performers.

We’d like your school to trial as many of the student exercises in this package as you can and we’d love to get some feedback on the program to gauge how useful it has been and/or any suggestions for how we can improve this package or any future ones.