Improving Access to Heritage Buildings

A practical guide to meeting the needs of people with disabilities
Eric Martin
Australian Council of National Trusts, Australian Heritage Commission 1999
ISBN 0908 19813 2

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About the publication

One of the pressing challenges for managers of heritage sites is to provide equitable and dignified access for all people to the places in their care.

However, a dilemma can arise when the need to introduce access, such as a ramp, compromises the very heritage values that make the place significant.

Improving Access to Heritage Buildings tackles very difficult issues such as this and should be of great practical help to all those responsible for providing access and interpretation to culturally significant places. It discusses the legal framework that underpins equity issues, sets out strategies to identify and resolve access requirements and provides hands-on solutions from around Australia.

The publication is particularly timely as, with the Paralympic Games coming to Sydney in October 2000, there will be an increased focus on heritage buildings and their ability to provide for the needs of all visitors.

The practical knowledge and design solutions presented in this publication will assist in ensuring that our heritage places can be experienced by all.

The Australian Heritage Commission is committed to research on heritage issues and to making that research freely available.