Kakadu Culture Camp | Kakadu National Park


Fred Hunter
A lot of tour guides have changed a lot since 10 years ago. We don't have the bare foot, no-shirt Crocodile Dundee types no more and it's a lot more professional these days.

And that's how we want it to be. We want people to tell the right stories about the park, about the land and about the culture.

We wanted to talk to tourists, give them a bit of our culture because it's been told from generation to generation for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Fred Hunter talking to visitors
Here in my right hand we've got the salt water crocodile. In Kakadu we call this one ginga. Here in my left hand this is the freshwater crocodile, the Johnson River. Here in Kakadu we call this one gumegen.

Jenny Hunter
To run a business like this we thought it would be easy, but I tell you it's really hard, it's really hard. And you running for five days a week, night time, everything. It's full on, it's hard work. You just want to be strong to do that, because you gotta have balanda and Bininj way.