Kokoda Initiative - Annual Report 2010-2011


Australian Government, Papua New Guinean Government


On the 8th of July 2010, the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea entered a Second Joint Understanding (2010-2015) with the shared vision of:

Sustainable development of the Owen Stanley Ranges, Brown River Catchment and Kokoda Track Region and protection of its special natural, cultural and historic values.

The Second Joint Understanding builds on the significant progress made under the first Joint Understanding, signed in 2008. Led by the strong partnership between the Papua New Guinea and Australian governments, the Kokoda Initiative (the Initiative) brings together shared interests, promoting the economic and social development of Papua New Guinea while protecting the important values of this region.

Through this Second Joint Understanding, the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea have agreed to continue working in the region in order to achieve five shared Goals:

  1. A safe and well-managed Kokoda Track, which honours its wartime historical significance and protects and promotes its special values.
  2. Enhanced quality of life for landowners and communities through improved delivery of basic services, income generation and community development activities.
  3. The wise use and conservation of the catchment protection area, including the Kokoda Track, and its natural and cultural resources and values.
  4. Building national and international tourism potential of the Owen Stanley Ranges and Kokoda Track region, supported by a possible future World Heritage Nomination.
  5. Working with communities, landowners, industry and all levels of government to ensure that activities established under the Kokoda Initiative are sustained into the future.

Managed jointly by the Department of Environment and Conservation in Papua New Guinea and the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities in Australia, the Initiative focuses on the effective protection and sustainable development of the cultural, natural and military heritage values of the Owen Stanley Ranges and Brown River catchment and Kokoda Track region. It provides the basis for the ongoing development and management of the Kokoda Track, including improved service delivery to communities along the Track, support for management of the Track through the Kokoda Track Authority and the promotion of the Track as a world class tourist destination.

Cooperation and partnerships are key to the success of the Initiative and the achievements demonstrated in this report are the result of effective collaboration and support between all of the Papua New Guinea and Australian agencies involved in its implementation.