Marine activities, marine zoning and mooring and anchoring brochure | Booderee National Park

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Our protected marine species

All aquatic invertebrates (for example beach worms, sea urchins, lobsters, crabs, scallops, cockles, mussels, turban snails, pipis and abalone) and all species on the rock platforms (including oysters and octopus) are protected and must not be taken in Booderee National Park. Other species that also cannot be taken include: grey nurse shark, estuary cod, eastern blue devilfish, elegant wrasse and all species of seahorses, seadragons and pipefishes.


The clear waters of Jervis Bay provide excellent opportunities for diving. Snorkelling locations in Jervis Bay are found off rock platforms at Scottish Rocks and Murrays Beach. The diverse marine environment in Jervis Bay offers scuba divers a rewarding diving experience. Air tank filling, diving equipment and tours are available at dive shops in nearby Huskisson.


Only line fishing is permitted in Booderee National Park waters. Spearfishing is prohibited and spears or spearguns are not permitted in the park. No fishing is permitted in the Botanic Gardens. Size and bag limits for most species apply. Where a species is not listed the NSW limits apply.


'No anchoring areas' have been established in Booderee National Park in order to protect sea-grass and other shallow water habitats from physical damage by anchoring. Anchoring is not permitted in Booderee National Park in water depths less than 10 metres at low tide, in marine Sanctuary Zones, and the Bowen Island and HMAS Creswell Special Purpose Zones to which public access is closed (see attached Zoning Map). Please do not anchor in these areas unless in an emergency where necessary to protect life or property.

Boat ramps

The boat ramp at Murrays Beach carpark provides access to Jervis Bay waters.

More information about marine activities can be found on our web page