Mary River Roadhouse and Gunlom | Kakadu National Park


Beryl Smith
My country is so beautiful - lovely waterfalls, beautiful birds, trees.

Them old people won our land back in 1996. What they did for us, we should be proud of them.

Beryl Smith talking to visitor
That's sort of a little herb in there we use for fishing too.

What about the ones growing up there on the cliffs?

Beryl Smith talking to visitor
That's a forest tree and that's a little fern in a rock. It grows there all the time - wet season, dry season.

Beryl Smith
We getting stronger now and it's a good thing for tourists, we doing in our own country now.

We got an information centre at Roadhouse and we got kiosk in Gunlom.

We gotta live in two societies coz we gotta learn about your culture way and then you gotta learn about balanda way, and getting along with tourists and we gotta share our culture and learn about all our cultures.

We doing it really well now and them old people I think they would have loved to see what we be doing here now. Well I'm proud anyway.