Migrant Heritage Places in Australia

Australian Heritage Commission
ISBN 0 642 54709 2

About the publication

Migrant heritage places are those places in Australia which are important to our different immigrant groups.

The migrants referred to in the publications might be people who have recently arrived in Australia, or second or third generation Australians who have strong ties with their migrant heritage.

The main focus of the guide is the places that are associated with people who have migrated to Australia since World War II. Migrant heritage places can also include both older and more recent places.

The handbook is a companion to the guide . It is designed to help coordinators of migrant groups by providing additional information and hints on running a focus group, as follows:

  • Getting set up
  • Running the meetings
  • Hints for each meeting

The migration of people from different parts of the world to live in Australia is a significant aspect of Australia's history. The places associated with this history are not generally well recognised by the wider community. The Guide has been developed to help small groups of migrants work through a structured but simple process of finding and celebrating the special places that represent the history of their community in Australia.