National Data Standards on Protected Areas - DNRE 1996


A Report to the ANZECC Working Group on National Park and Protected Area Management
Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Victoria 1996

About this document

This benchmarking and best practice study has been compiled to compare processes used by various protected area agencies in Australia & New Zealand in collecting visitor use data.

The best practice processes defined in this study have been specifically developed to enable agencies to choose which process is the best practice (most relevant) process for their protected area system and budgets.

Before an agency decides which process it plans to use a number of questions must be asked.

  • What types of visitor use information does the agency need;
  • Why does the agency need this information;
  • How will this information be used and integrated into park management.

This report deals specifically with how visitor use information can be gathered to best practice standards. It is important for agencies to view the collection of visitor use data as only part of their total management plan.

The commitment to developing a visitor use system must be long term and the system must have a practical purpose and produce tangible results that are part of the agencies overall park management objectives.