Pilot survey to map the distribution of chytridiomycosis (caused by the amphibian chytrid fungus) in Australian frogs


Threat abatement project ID: 44381
Department of the Environment and Heritage, December 2005

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About the report

The aim of this tender was to design and trial a pilot survey to map the distribution of chytridiomycosis in Australian frogs.

The project has 5 components: Scope Items 1 and 3 being desk top synthesis and evaluation activities, Scope Item 2 being a data gathering and proof of concept activity, Scope Item 4 being a field and laboratory based project testing the protocol developed in Scope Item 3, and Scope Item 5 assessing and evaluating the previous outputs and providing recommendations that need to be addressed to allow a national survey for chytridiomycosis to proceed in an effective manner.

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