Recovery Plan for Lachnagrostis limitanea (Spalding Blown Grass)

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, 2012

About this document

The recovery objective is to prevent extinction of Lachnagrostis limitanea, maintain its genetic variation and improve its conservation status in the wild.

Over the next five years, the specific recovery objectives are to

  1. Prevent total extinction and maintain genetic variation by ex situ storage of seed from all subpopulations.
  2. Maintain area of occupancy and extent of occurrence by managing subpopulations in the wild.
  3. Increase the size of smaller subpopulations to sustainable levels and increase genetic variability within existing small subpopulations by translocation and management of habitat.
  4. Increase the number of known subpopulations by searching for unknown subpopulations and by implementing a translocation program. New sites for translocation may be outside existing extent of occurrence; therefore this action, if successful, will increase extent of occurrence as well as area of occupancy.