Report on Audit of Uptake of Best Practice Reports in ANZECC Organisations 2000


A Report to the ANZECC Working Group on National Park and Protected Area Management
April 2000

About this document

  1. The ANZECC working group on National Parks and Protected Area Management has been in place for a number of years. The group has been confident that part of its value has been its best practice programme. The group has produced the following best practice reports:

    Best Practice in User Pays Revenue Generation
    Best Practice in National Data Standards on Protected Area Visitation
    Best Practice in Asset Management
    Best Practice in Stakeholder Management (Neighbour Relations)
    Best Practice in Staff Training
    Best Practice in Natural Resource Monitoring and Performance Standards
    Best Practice in Commercial Management
    Best Practice in Risk Management and Public Liability
    Best Practice in Interpretation and Education
    Best Practice in Use of Fire for Ecological Purposes
    Best Practice in Management Planning
    Best Practice in Historic Place Management
    Best Practice in Weeds Management

  2. Part of the value of undertaking these best practice exercises and producing reports is the involvement of practitioners from each of the ten member organisations with their counterparts in the other organisations. However, there is a question mark over how useful each report has been to each member organisation, other than the value of networking. Discussion on this within the working group led to this audit of the uptake of best practice reports.
  3. The objectives of the audit were agreed as:
    1. to assess whether best practice reports have been useful and have lead to beneficial change or improvements in national park and protected area planning and management;
    2. to assess staff awareness of the existence of best practice reports within their agency;
    3. to describe processes used by agencies to assess and disseminate the best practice reports;
    4. to identify processes used by agencies to make decisions about adopting changed practices.