Setting national fuel quality standards - proposed standards for fuel parameters (petrol and diesel) - revised commonwealth position

Environment Australia

About the Document

Fuel quality has been identified as having a significant influence on emissions from the transport sector and has been a key constraint to the introduction of new vehicle emission standards in Australia.

In May 2000, Environment Australia released three discussion papers to facilitate public consultation on the setting of proposed national fuel quality standards

  1. Summary Report of the Review of Fuel Quality Requirements for Australian Transport;
  2. Proposed Standards for Fuel Parameters (Petrol and Diesel); and
  3. Proposed Model for Standards Implementation.

During the two-month public consultation period during May and June 2000, a Commonwealth consultation team met with key stakeholders to discuss issues of concern relating to the proposed standards. The Commonwealth team consisted of representatives from Environment Australia, the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, the Department of Transport and Regional Services and the Australian Greenhouse Office.