Supervising Scientist Report to the World Heritage Committee

Peter Bridgewater - Supervision Scientist, 1999

Assessment of the Jabiluka Project
Report of the Supervising Scientist to the World Heritage Committee


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About the report

In 1998, the Australian Government gave its approval for the development of the Jabiluka uranium mine in Australia's Northern Territory. The Jabiluka Mineral Lease is excised from, but surrounded by, Kakadu National Park which is inscribed on the World Heritage List.

Following this decision, the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee sent a Mission to Kakadu to establish whether or not the World Heritage values of Kakadu were under threat from the Jabiluka project. The Mission concluded that both the natural and the cultural values of Kakadu are seriously threatened by the development of the Jabiluka mine and recommended that Kakadu be placed on the List of World Heritage Sites in Danger.

After discussion of the Mission's report at its meeting in Kyoto from 30 November 1998 to 5 December 1998, the World Heritage Committee requested that the Supervising Scientist conduct a full review of scientific issues raised by the Mission. Perceived scientific uncertainty with respect to these issues had led to the Mission's conclusion that the natural values of Kakadu are threatened by the Jabiluka project.

This report is in response to the request of the World Heritage Committee.