Sustainable Australia - Sustainable Communities: A Sustainable Population Strategy for Australia

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Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, 2011

About the strategy

This Sustainable Population Strategy outlines the Government’s framework for a sustainable Australia. It will help to ensure that future population change is compatible with the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of Australia.

The Strategy recognises that population change is not only about the growth and overall size of our population, it is also about the needs and skills of our population, how we live, and importantly, where we live. It recognises that population change impacts different communities in different ways.

A sustainable Australia is a nation of sustainable communities which have the services, job and education opportunities, affordable housing, amenity and natural environment that make them places where people want to work, live and build a future.

The Strategy’s focus is ensuring that we have in place the necessary policy settings and governance arrangements which will deliver improvements in our wellbeing, at the local, regional and national levels into the future. It outlines the Government’s commitment to improving the liveability of our urban areas, and building stronger regions.

Further information

Information about the development of the strategy is available in the National Library's Australian Government Web Archive: