Tank testing of Analite turbidity probes

Internal Report 468
Saynor MJ, Smith BL & Klein J
Supervising Scientist Division
Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, 2003


About the report

The aim is to develop a relationship between in-situ Analite turbidity probes and suspended sediment loads so that the time spent collecting samples in the field and filtering of the water samples in the laboratory will be greatly reduced and thereby optimising resources. If relationships between the Analite turbidity probes and Suspended sediment loads are successfully developed for the three sites in the Ngarradj catchment then the method will be used for sites in Gulungul and Magela Creeks in the future. The aim of the work presented in this Internal Report is to assess the usefulness of the wiping function of the Analite Turbidity probes and to also determine the frequency that the probes are wiped for optimum performance.