Technical Audit | Kakadu Management Plan 2007-2014

May 2012

The last plan of management for Kakadu National Park (2007-2014) expired on 31 December 2013. A new draft management plan for Kakadu has now been released for public comment and is available here. To help develop the new plan, the Director of National Parks commissioned an independent audit of the last management plan for the park. The audit looked at how effective management had been and suggested improvements for the next management plan. The audit provides an independent and transparent review by experts from a range of different fields, from biodiversity and fire ecology, to cultural heritage and tourism.

The findings of the audit have been discussed with traditional owners and other key stakeholders, and were carefully considered by the Kakadu Board of Management in the preparation of the draft management plan.

Note: the views contained within the audit report are those of the auditors and do not necessarily accord with the views of the Director of National Parks or other members of the Kakadu Board of Management.