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Conducting tours in Kakadu

If you are a tour operator or tour guide, this page is for you. It pulls together the key information you need to run tours at Kakadu.

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We’ve prepared two sets of guidelines to make the process of applying for a tourism operator permit or licence simpler. Please refer to these guidelines to determine which one you need.

Additionally, all tour operators must have successfully completed the Kakadu National Park Knowledge for Tour Guides program.




You will need a permit if you want to carry out a routine or standard activity into areas of the park that are generally open to the public without a limit on numbers.

Standard land-based tour permit

This covers most tours including daytime tours into Kakadu’s many public access areas, including Ubirr, Nourlangie and Twin Falls.

Seasonal permit

Apply for this permit if you would like access to a restricted area, such as Ubirr during the wet season.




If a tourism activity is a new proposal or is limited by type, location, number of operators or involves exclusive use of a site then the activity must operate under a tourism licence. Tourism licences are issued with a minimum five year term.



The Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides program


It is compulsory for all tour guides working in Kakadu to have successfully completed the Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides program. This program provides entry-level training covering all the things a tour guide should know when working in Kakadu, including key areas of visitor safety, understanding the park's natural and cultural values and history, minimising environmental impact and legal compliance.





If you have an queries regarding your permit please contact:

The Permits Officer
Kakadu National Park
PO Box 71
Jabiru NT 0886

Phone: 08 8938 1140