Twin Falls boat shuttle service | Kakadu National Park


Jeffery Lee
We started off this boat shuttle for Twin Falls because these young traditional owners growing up and starting to look at what we want to do for our future - getting back on country and working on our own country.

Jeffery Lee talking to visitors
This is our floater buoy we call it, and as you can see there are a few tooth marks.

The bigger ones you'll probably see are the salt water crocodile teeth mark. The little one - little fella like this - that's a freshy.

Tony Heenan
We're into our fifth year this year and over those years we've employed some 35 people. Many of those people have achieved in the first instance their first aid and boat licenses.

And it's all pre-leading up to maybe ownership or takeover one day. And that day's not that far away. I mean - there's ability there to do it, there's no doubt about that.

Jeffery Lee
I been on the boat and I see them and yeah they talk to the tourists. That's good, that's what I like to see - it's been going really good for Twin Falls.

And seeing these young people getting back on country, we want to teach them more. And good if we teach them more about our way Bininj way and balanda way