Water efficiency guide: office and public buildings

Department of the Environment and Heritage, October 2006
ISBN 06425 52878


Executive summary

This publication has two parts. The first part is the Water Efficiency Guide: Office and Public Buildings. These guidelines provide an introduction to the technical and behavioural opportunities that exist in office and public buildings for reducing water consumption and increasing water reuse. Experience has shown that savings of between 30-40% are often achievable in these buildings. The guidelines will be useful for building managers, owners, tenants and maintenance staff.

The second part of the publication is the National water intensity benchmarks for office buildings and public buildings. These benchmarks have been developed from a national sample of building water consumption. For office buildings, the average water consumption was found to be 1.125 kL/m² per year, with best practice being 0.5 kL/m² per year. The benchmark set has been expressed using the same scoring methodology and 1-5 rating scale as the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) and the Australian Building Greenhouse Rating (ABGR) scheme.