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Water Management Partnership Agreement — The Commonwealth of Australia and The Australian Capital Territory


Signed 11 January

Water Management Partnership Agreement

The Water Management Partnership Agreement is made between and binds the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.

On 3 July 2008 the Commonwealth and the Basin States (being the States of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory) signed an Intergovernmental Agreement on Murray-Darling Basin Reform (IGA). Alongside the Water Act 2007, the IGA progresses the objectives of the National Water Initiative (NWI) which are to increase the productivity and efficiency of Australia's water use, to service rural and urban communities and to ensure the health of river and groundwater systems. In doing so the IGA reaffirms the parties' commitment to the NWI.

Part Four of the IGA provides for the Basin States and the Commonwealth to enter into Water Management Partnership Agreements to give effect to the urgent need to undertake water reforms in the Murray-Darling Basin to deliver a sustainable cap on surface water and groundwater diversions across the Murray-Darling Basin to ensure the future of communities, industry and enhanced environmental outcomes.

The Water Management Partnership Agreements provide for the Basin States to undertake one or more Priority Projects that will substantially contribute to improved water use efficiency and enhance the sustainability of rural water use in the Murray-Darling Basin. The Agreements recognise the direct link between the need for the Basin States to undertake water reforms in the Murray-Darling Basin and the provision of Commonwealth funding for each Priority Project. This Commonwealth funding is provided from its Sustainable Rural Water Use and Infrastructure program, which is a component of the Commonwealth's Water for the Future initiative.

Project Schedule

Project schedules form part of the Water Management Partnership Agreement and formalise the specific funding arrangements for each of the agreed State Priority Projects.

Improving long term water quality in the ACT and the Murrumbidgee river system